Unifunctional Transducers

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AC Voltage

SIRAX BT5100 Measuring Transducer for AC Voltage, RS485, LCD Display (new)
SINEAX U539 AC Voltage Transducer with Power Supply
SINEAX U543 AC Voltage Transducer, Self-powered
SINEAX U553 AC Voltage Transducer, RMS, with Power Supply
SINEAX U554 AC Voltage Transducer, RMS, with Various Characteristics

AC Current

SIRAX BT5200 Measuring Transducer for AC Current, RS485, LCD Display (new)
SINEAX i538 AC Current Transducer with Power Supply
SINEAX i542 AC Current Transducer, Self-powered
SINEAX i552 AC Current Transducer, Effective Value Measurement


SIRAX BT5400 Measuring Transducer for Power, Power Factor and Phase Angle, RS485, LCD Display (new)
SINEAX P530 Measuring Transducer for Active Power
SINEAX Q531 Measuring Transducer for Reactive Power


SIRAX BT5300 Measuring Transducer for Frequency, RS485, LCD Display (new)
SINEAX F534 Measuring Transducer for Frequency
SINEAX F535 Measuring Transducer for Frequency Difference

Power Factor and Phase Angle

SINEAX G536 Measuring Transducer for Phase Angle / Power Factor
SINEAX G537 Measuring Transducer for Phase Angle Difference

DC Measurements at High Potential

SINEAX TV829 Isolation Amplifier for High-Voltage to 2200 V DC


Unifunctional Devices

These mostly analog based devices are produced as requested by the customer. Therefore they are suited to a specific measurement task. During the installation process often an additional fine tuning of the output signal via potentiometer is possible.

SIRAX BT5100     SINEAX U539     SINEAX U553      SINEAX P530, Q531    
BT5x00 U539, U543
i538, i542
F534, F535
G536, G537
P530, Q531