Transducers for Temperature and DC Values

Overview table - Transducer for Temp./DC-Values
Video - Transducers for Process Quantities

Temperature Transducers, Passive (2-wire, without Aux Energy)

SINEAX V608 Temp. Transducer, RTD/TC Inputs, without Electr. Isolation, Ex/NEx
SINEAX V611 Temp. Transducer, RTD/TC Inputs, without Electr. Isolation
SINEAX V610 Temp. Transducer, PT100 Inputs, without Electr. Isolation
SINEAX VS30 Temp. Transducer, PT100/Ni100 Input, 2-Wire, Programmable

Temperature Transducer, Active (4-wire, with Aux Energy)

SINEAX VS40 Temp. Transducer, PT100 Input, I/U Output, with Electr. Isolation
SINEAX VS46 Temp. Transducer, TC Input, I/U Outputs, with Electr. Isolation
SINEAX V624 Temp. Transducer, RTD/TC Inputs, with Electr. Isolation, Ex/NEx

Temperature and/or DC Values (mA, V, Ohm)

SINEAX V604s Prog. Measuring Transducer for Temperature and DC Quantities, 2 Inputs
SINEAX V620 Universal Converter for mA, V, TC, RTD, Ω


Transducers in Housing for Top-hat Rail and Wall Mounting

We offer transducers as intelligent terminals or temperature transducers for rail-mounting. Intelligent terminals in 2-wire technology, are suited to installation in subdistributors close to the process or in control cabinets. Their very small structural design safeguards space-saving installation.

Temperature transducers for top-hat rail mounting are directly assembled in the control cabinet and are designed in 4-wire technology. Measured variable and measuring range may be programmed by PC. All devices are provided with galvanic isolation, on principle, and are also available in Ex-design.

V620, 622 VS30 ..70 V608 V610, V611 V624
V620  VS30-70         V608   V610