Testing of Electr. Medical Appliances

Safety Testers, antimikrobial (new)

SECULIFE SR Measuring Instrument for Measurings per EN 62353 and DIN VDE 0701-0702
SECULIFE ST Test Instrument with Test Sequences per EN 62353, EN 60601, EN 61010, EN 60335, EN 60950, GOST R (ГОСТ Р) 60601, VDE 0701-0702
SECULIFE IP Test Instrument for Testing Protective Measures in Electrical Medical Systems per IEC 60364.6 / DIN VDE 0100-600 / DIN VDE 0105-100
SECULIFE IF+ Infusion Pump Analyzer for Flow
SECULIFE DF PRO Multimode Defibrillator Analyzer
SECULIFE DF BASE Defibrillator Analyzer
SECULIFE ES PRO Electrosurgical Analyzer
SECULIFE ES XTRA Electrosurgical Analyzer
SECULIFE ES PRIME Multimode Electrosurgery Analyzer
SECULIFE DP BASE Precision Digital Measuring Instrument for Pressure Measurement
SECULIFE DP PRO Precision Digital Measuring Instrument for Pressure Measurement, Configurable
SECULIFE BP PRO NIBP Simulator for Testing Patient Monitors
SECULIFE PS100 Patient Simulator for ECG
SECULIFE PS200 Multi-parameter Patient Simulator for ECG
SECULIFE PS300 Multi-parameter Patient Simulator for ECG
SECULIFE IA Illumination Analyzer for the Quality Assurance of Medical Displays
SECULIFE IT Illuminance Tester for the Measurement of Luminance
SECULIFE IM Illuminance Monitoring for Contact Measurement at Displays
SECULIFE IS Illuminance Sensor for the Ambient Light Control in Diagnostic Rooms
GMST Report Generating Software for Safety and Function Testers
PerfectLum QA Software for Testing Monitors for Primary Diagnostics and Image Viewing
Autosequence Software to Create Automated Test Sequences for SECULIFE DF..
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SECULIFE HIT AM System Multimeter for the Field of Medical Technology, antimicrobial

Extremely high-performance devices are required for the execution of measuring tasks in the field of medicine. On the one hand, they have to be able to cope with the complexity of the required tests, and on the other hand, they must assure high levels of accuracy for each individual measurement.

SECULIFE testers have been specially developed for testing those medical devices which are used most commonly in clinics - Testers for Medical Appliances directly at the patient. Great importance is placed upon efficiency and reliability when performing measurements on these devices. The great variety of manufacturers and models of monitoring and therapeutic devices also necessitates high levels of compatibility.

Gossen Metrawatt meets these requirements with its SECULIFE range of testers. The new measuring instruments combine decades of experience gained by the international market leader in the field of electrical measuring technology with innovative technical solutions.

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