Summation Stations

Overview of Summation Stations


SMARTCONTROL Multifunctional Data Logger for a Wide Variety of Media
SU1604 Energy Control System – Modular Summator, up to 64 S0, Ethernet, LON (new)
U1601 Summator, 12 Universal Inputs, LON-Bus
U1602 LON Micro-Summator
U1603 Mini-Summator, 6 Inputs, LON


The summators of the Energy Control System acquire meter data via different interfaces and evaluate the same via internal calculation channels. The thus determined values for energy or consumption are summated synchronously to the measuring interval of the power utility over predefined time periods and a programmable interval, and are stored together with the respective maximum values. Using this autonomous energy database, all electrical and non-electrical energy and consumption values can be acquired, visualised, optimised and billed in relation to cost centres.

SMARTCONTROL SU1604 Summing Station U1601 U1602 U1603
SMARTCONTROL   SU1604 U1601 U1602 U1603

Individual summators can be interconnected over great distances via the multi-master compatible ECS LAN with a freely selectable network topology. All network users have unlimited access to any data in the network and make the same available at their serial RS232 interface. Analysing software packages have then access via the company network either directly or using an Ethernet TCP/ IP network adapter. Modems enable remote acquisition via public telephone networks.

Due to its high level of integrated intelligence and the ECL custom programming language every summator is able to execute customised calculations, evaluations, monitoring and optimisation. External processes are controlled via user-specific background programs with partly available switching or analogue outputs.

The ECSwin software is used to parameterise summators and for simple data acquisition. The EMC software package provides convenient functions for data read-out, analysis and billing.