Signal Conversion

SINEAX with On-Site-Parametrization  
SINEAX 6.2 mm Series  
SINEAX TP619 Potentiometric to DC Isolating Amplifier, Signal Converter

Isolation Amplifiers

SINEAX V620 Universal Converter for mA, V, TC, RTD, Ω
SINEAX VS50 Isolating Amplifier, DC Current / Voltage Converter
SINEAX VS52 Isolating Amplifier, DC Current / Voltage Converter (with Transducer Power Supply)
SINEAX TV804 Isolation Amplifier, DC Current Converter
SINEAX TV808-12 Isolation Amplifier, Unipolar / Bipolar, 2-Ch
SINEAX TV809 Isolation Amplifier, Unipolar / Bipolar, 1-Ch, Programmable
SINEAX TV819 Isolation Amplifier, Unipolar / Bipolar, 1-Ch
SINEAX TV815 Isolation Amplifier, DC-signal Converter (Current/Voltage)
SINEAX TVD825 Isolation Amplifier, DC-signal Duplicator (Current/Voltage)

DC Signal Isolators

SINEAX VS54 Isolation Amplifier, Shunt/ V-I Isolated Converter
DCM 817 DC Signal Isolator for PCB Mounting, Passive
SINEAX 2i1 DC Signal Isolator, DIN-Rail, Passive, Ex/NEx
SINEAX Ti816 DC Signal Isolator, Passive
SINEAX Ti807-5 DC Signal Isolator, 1 Channel, Ex/NEx
SINEAX Si815-5 DC Signal Isolator, 1 Channel, with Power Supply Transfer, also FSK, Ex/NEx

Alarm Units

SINEAX C402 Alarm Unit, Relay Outputs, Ex/NEx

Power Packs

SINEAX B811 Power Pack with Additional Functions, FSK, HART, Ex/NEx
SINEAX B812 Power Pack for Measuring Transducers, HART, Ex/NEx
SINEAX VS70 Power supply for the CB-Power-Bus



C402, B811
TV809, TV819
  2i1   Ti816 Si815-5
17,5 (S17) 17,5 (P12/17) 24 (N) 12,5 (N12) 17,5 (N17)

Isolating Amplifiers

The task of active isolating amplifiers is to galvanically insulate input and output signals, to reinforce them and/or to convert them into another level or another signal form (current or voltage). There are also different intrinsically safe versions available.

DC Signal Isolators

Passive DC signal isolators serve to galvanically insulate a DC signal, which is transfered into a DC current or DC voltage signal depending on the device version. These prevents the transfer of interference voltages and currents and help to solve grounding problems in meshed signal networks.

Active DC signal isolators require an auxiliary power supply. However, the DC signal to insulate and the associated output quantity can be freely parametrized, linearized and reinforced. These reduces significantly the number of variants needed.

Alarm Units

We offer pure alarm units for DC current and voltage signals, programmable isolating amplifiers with trip point functionality up to universal transducers which provide partly several alarm outputs.

Power packs

Our power packs provide the DC power supply for 2-wire transducers and transfer the measured variable unchanged to the electrically insulated output. These differ in their capability for FSK communication, the number of supply circuits and their open or short-circuit monitoring and signalling.

Power supply units designed for FSK communication are used in conjunction with "intelligent" 2-wire transducers which are capable of dialogue and operation according to the FSK principle and the HART or user-specific protocol.

The series also includes "intrinsically safe" versions [EEx ia] IIC with an intrinsically safe input. These operate in conjunction with intrinsically safe 2-wire transducers located in explosion hazard areas.