Multifunctional Transducers

Overview - Multi Transducer
SIRAX BT5700 Multi-Transducer, RS485, LCD Display (new)
SINEAX DM5 Prog. Multi-Transducer, ..32 Energy Meters, USB, RS485-MODBUS
SINEAX CAM Universal heavy current measuring unit
SINEAX M561 ..M563 Prog. Multi-Transducer, 1 Analog Out, RS232
SINEAX DME 424 Prog. Multi-Transducer, 4 Energy Meters, 2 Anlog and 4 Digital Out, RS232
SINEAX DME 442 Prog. Multi-Transducer, 2 Energy Meters, 4 Anlog and 2 Digital Out, RS232


>> Power Disturbance, Power Analysis - portable 
>> Power Disturbance, Power Analysis - steady 


SINEAX M563   
SIRAX BT5700 DM5S /F     M561
    M562, M563

Multifunctional Devices

Our multifunctional heavy-current transducers are programmable and may be used for the measurement of almost all quantities of an electrical power system. The application (system configuration) as well as the behaviour of the analog and digital outputs are software configurable. The measurand acquisition via programming or bus interface during normal operation is also supported.