Current Transformers

ENERGYSENS Intelligent Sensor System for Energy, Current, Voltage and Frequency (new)
SC30 .. 50 Split-Core Current Transformers
ASK 31 .. 412 Bushing-Type Current Transformer for Indirect Measurement of Sinusoidal AC
WSK 30 .. 70 Wound-Primary Current Transformers for Indirect Measurement of Sinusoidal AC

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Current Transformers
    Current Transformers
   Wound Primary
   Current Transformers
ENERGYSENS SC 30...50 ASK 31....412 WSK 30...70


Current transformers convert high amperage alternating current of up to 4000 A (primary current) into small, safe, measureable current (secondary current).

At the same time, they electrically isolate the primary and secondary electrical circuits from each other. Secondary current is standardized and has a value of 1 or 5 A

These current transformers cannot be used for direct current (DC). A shunt resistor is required in order to measure high amperage direct current.

Example: A 1000 A / 5 A current transformer converts a primary current of 1000 amperes to a secondary current of 5 amperes. With a primary current of 500 A, the current transformer delivers a secondary current of 2.5 A. The transformation ratio (I ratio) is 200 in both cases, i.e. secondary current is 200 time smaller than primary current.