Accessories for Multimeters

Pouches, Cases, Covers  
Fuses Fuses for Multimeters
NA HIT 2x Power adapter 90 ... 250 VAC / 5 VDC for METRAHIT 2x, CAT IV
NA HIT 27 Power adapter 90 ... 250 VAC / 5 VDC for METRAHIT 2x, CAT II
NA X-TRA Power Adapter 90 ... 250 VAC / 5 VDC for many METRAHIT Multimeters
Z270A, G Quick-Change Rechargeable Battery for METRAHIT IM Series (new)

Interface Adapter and Software

USB X-TRA Interface Adapter Infrared to USB for many METRAHIT Multimeters
USB XTRA Set Set of Interface Adapter USB X-TRA with Software METRAwin 10
USB-Hit USB Interface Adapter for METRAHit 2xx, 30x Multimeters
USB-PACK Set of USB Interface Adapter and METRAwin for Multimeters 2xx, 30x
RS232-USB Interface Converter
METRAwin10/METRAHit System Software for METRAHit Multimeters

Measuring Adapter

PMA16 Power and Current Measuring Adapter for Multimeters
ABMA Leakage Current Measuring Adapter
COIL Adapter 50mH Measuring Adapter for Interturn Short-circuit Detection

Measuring Accessories

Current Probes and Current Transformer Clamps - for Universal Current Measurements
NW3A Shunt resistor 3A - for Multimeters without Current Measuring Function
Z502U Magnetic Measuring Tips with Contact Protection - Set with Magnetic Holder
Z270S Remote Sensor
KS-NTS Cable Set with Different Test Probes, max. 20 A, 1000 V CAT III
KS17-2 Cable Set, max. 16 A, 1000 V / CAT III, Length 1.30 m
KS-AP Cable Set with Adjustable Test Probes, 1000 V / CAT II or CAT IV
KS17S Cable Set with 2 mm Ø Steel Tips and 150 cm Cable, 1000 V / CAT II
KS21T Cable Set for Cable Multimeter, CAT II 150 V
KS29 Cable Set with 3 Test Probes, 600 V CAT IV
KY94 Hook Clips (1 Pair) for KS17-2
KY95-3 Alligator Clips (1 Pair) for KS17-2

Kelvin Clips

KC4 Kelvin Clips
KC27 Kelvin Probe
KC&S Kelvin Set

Temperature Sensors and Probes

Z3409 Pt 100 Sensor for Surface and Immersion Measurements
TF550 Pt 100 Immersion Probe for Measurements from -50°... +550°C
TF220 Pt 1000 Immersion Probe for Measurements in Gas and Liquid
TF400CAR Pt 1000 Dipstick Oil Temperature Sensor for Automotive Applications
TF400SURFACE Surface Temperature Sensor, Type K Thermocouple
Z3431-x Temperature Sensors, Type K Thermocouple
Z3431-TA Adapter from Banana Plug to Miniature Socket