Test Instrument for Testing PV Modules and Strings

Profitest PV SUN MEMO per DIN EN 62446 (VDE 0126-23)

All required electrical safety tests at photovoltaic systems can be simply and safely executed, stored to memory and documented in accordance with DIN EN 62446 with the PROFITEST PV SUN MEMO. The test instrument is suitable for testing PV modules and strings with up to 1000 V / 20 A. In addition to insulation measurement, polarity testing and ground fault testing, the protective conductor can also be tested for continuity. The tester is distinguished by its ergonomic design and easy handling with a weight of only 500 g.

The bidirectional interface and the internal memory module are important additional functions.

With the help of the optional Profitest PV SUNSOR accessory, momentary irradiation, module temperature and the PV generators' angle of inclination can be acquired, stored to memory and documented online for the measurement.

All PV system data can be acquired and transferred directly to the tester prior to measurement with the help of the appropriate software. The PV systems and its associated strings are then selected on-site before each measurement, and the measurement is saved to memory after testing has been completed. After all tests and measurement have been successfully completed, all of the data can be simply and reliably read in via the USB port and evaluated with the software.

The Profitest PV SUN MEMO is equipped with internal memory for storing 10,240 data records.

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