Systematic Energy Management EMC 5.x

Lasting Benefits with New EMC 5.x Software from GOSSEN METRAWATT

Electrical power, gas, water and heat are central cost factors in the production process and in building management - and energy prices are rapidly rising from year to year. For this reason, more and more companies are deciding to take advantage of comprehensive energy management for improved efficiency and reduced consumption of valuable resources. The most important basis for optimizing consumption is always a detailed ascertainment of current consumption, as well as accurately pinpointing when and where how much energy is used in which processes. After all, costs can only be influenced if we know exactly when and how they're incurred.

The Intelligent Way to Optimized Consumption

As a high performance software solution, Energy Management Control 5.x (see figure 1) is laid out specifically for applications in the fields of industry, energy and housing. It allows for automatic logging, visualization, analysis and billing of all relevant consumption data. With the help of this well founded database, targeted and effective measures for improvement can be implemented, and opportunities for modern energy management can be fully exploited:

Transparency: visualization of consumption and load structures - detection of weak points
Responsibility: source-related allocation of consumption or costs
Benchmarking: acquire figures and compare objects
Cost minimization: identify and exploit potential energy savings
Budget security: precise planning and monitoring of energy costs
Tariff optimization: selection of the least expensive tariff for energy import by power utility, as well as consumption and contract conditions
Environmental compatibility: reduced consumption decreases CO2 emissions
Up to date: real-time overview of consumption and billing data
Flexible: billing based on individually adjustable parameters
Service requirements: rising energy consumption indicates the need for maintenance or repair

Energy Data in Focus - and Always Under Control

EMC 5.x makes professional energy management easy - and efficient. It provides reliable data for optimization measures and allows for targeted control of already implemented measures.

From Analysis to Billing

Load and consumption characteristics, as well as specific comparisons of energy data can be represented graphically with EMC 5.x in a clear-cut fashion, for example as time series or curves (see figure 2). Evaluations can also be displayed in tabular format and exported to Microsoft Excel. And EMC 5.x offers an additional, valuable feature for data processing: virtual channels can be set up with the help of an integrated formula editor. These allow for calculations based on individual sources of data, and thus support time-saving evaluation in advance.

User-Friendly and Flexible

EMC 5.x can be used with any Windows PC in a trouble-free fashion. Browser oriented menu prompting with tree structures and integrated help functions assures intuitive operation and a short learning curve.

Modular Layout

The modular layout of EMC 5.x allows for simple system expansion and can thus be ideally adapted to individual requirements.

Worldwide Access

Several users can simultaneously access data stored in a high performance SQL database via intranet or the Internet with the help of a browser. The user administration function integrated into EMC 5.x controls specific access privileges and password protection.

A Single Software Solution for All Locations

EMC 5.x is extremely well suited for international use. The software is multilingual (D, GB, F, I, NL, CZ and PL). The user can select his desired language, even during operation.


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