Single-Function Testers for Electricians

The New Metraline Range from GOSSEN METRAWATT

GOSSEN METRAWATT has introduced three new single-function test instruments to the market which allow electricians to quickly and safely test protective measures in electrical systems, and assist them with repairs, system expansions and other measuring tasks.

The test instruments consist of a compact housing with a patented means of retaining the second test probe. The high-contrast, four-color OLED display assures excellent legibility. When performing measurements under unfavorable light conditions, measuring point illumination can be switched on - white LED at the front.

For the first time ever, an OLED color display is being used in a test instrument. The OLED color display is highly luminous, thus providing for uniquely good readability.

The new Metraline range at a glance:

Metraline ISO-CHECK

The following measurements can be performed with the Metraline ISO-CHECK:

  • Insulation resistance with test voltages of 50 to 1000 V
  • Surge devices with test voltages of 50 to 1000 V
  • Direct and alternating voltage
  • Voltage measurement up to 600 V
  • Measurement of surge protection devices with test voltage from 50 to 1000 V
  • Table of common varistors can be displayed


  • Measurement of insulation resistance at voltage-free devices and equipment, up to 1000 V depending on variant
  • Measurement of surge protection devices, up to 1000 V depending upon variant
  • Checking of test objects for absence of voltage


Metraline RCD-CHECK

Residual current devices (RCCBs) can be tested in accordance with the standards with the Metraline RCD-CHECK.

  • Measurement of touch voltage without tripping the RCCB.
    Touch voltage is measured with reference to nominal residual current using 1/3 of the nominal residual current value.
  • Tripping test with nominal residual current, measurement of time to trip
    Special tests for systems and RCDs
  • Testing systems and RCDs with rising residual current including indication of tripping current
  • Testing of RCDs, IrN = 10, 30, 100, 300 und 500 mA
  • Testing of RCCBs with ½ o IrN, 1 o IrN, 2 o IrN, (5 o IrN up to 100 mA nominal current)
  • Testing of RCCBs with half-waves (pulsating direct current) for determining time to trip and tripping current
  • Testing of special RCDs - selective , type AC, type A


Metraline Z-CHECK

Das METRALINE Z-CHECK evaluates measured impedance in consideration of type, nominal current and disconnection time. A table with the parameters of various protective devices is included in device memory.

The following measurements can be performed with the Metraline Z-CHECK:

  • Fault loop impedance with short-circuit current
  • Fault loop impedance with short-circuit current without tripping the RCCB (only possible for RCCBs with ?N ? 100 mA)
  • Line impedance with short-circuit current
  • Mains voltage
  • Phase detection
  • A table of common protective devices can be displayed


Press Release No. 5 - Product Page ISO-CHECK, RCD-CHECK, Z-CHECK