Safety Tester Set MEDICAL

For testing the electrical safety per IEC 60601 and 62353.

Safety Tester Set MEDICINEGOSSEN METRAWATT, one of the leading supplier of test and measurement devices is introducing a equipment set which is designed for the use in medical environments.

The SECULIFE Safetytester Set MEDICAL consists of SECULIFE ST with integrated Memory-Interface, one adapter for applied parts, reporting and database software GMST as well as the device bag for measurement device and accessories.

As a multifunctional test instrument, the SECULIFE ST is ideally suited for performing and documenting measurements at medical devices. It allows for precision testing of portable medical devices, and can also be used for large devices such as X-ray equipment and MRI scanners.

All safety relevant, characteristic electrical values can be measured and documented for portable and stationary medical devices with the menudriven SECULIFE ST. And you even have the choice between fully automated or manual test sequences. The SECULIFE ST detects mains supply power, safety class and mains connection errors at the device under test. It can execute measurements in accordance with applicable standards fully automatically, thus significantly simplifying the test sequence: select the regulation, press the start key, read the results. Complete function tests can be also conducted with mains power for powerful, large devices with the integrated test socket.

The SECULIFE ST is equipped with an operator safety switch. The SECULIFE ST is the only measuring instrument available on the market which has been designed to test medical devices operated with 3-phase electrical current. AT3-IIIE and AT3-IIS 3-phase current adapters can be furnished to this end as optional accessories. Possible areas of use and measurements performed with the SECULIFE ST are expanded with numerous multimeter functions. The performance of individually configured single measurements is thus made possible. As a standard feature, the SECULIFE ST is equipped with an RS 232 port for transferring measurement and test reports to a PC.

The instrument is expanded to include a memory-interface with GOSSEN METRAWATT's external Si+ module. The SECULIFE ST is compatible with GMST, PS 3, visualFM, Fundamed, MD Data, PC.doc Word/Excel, PC.doc Access and other software packages.

The database software GMST is a perfect solution for documentation of reporting by tests of electrical safety at electrical installations, portable appliances, welding equipment and testing of electrical safety and functional tests in the medical field.

The software allows automatic data acquisition, data communication and the creation of own test sequences and test protocols. Multiple database modules (external and local), provide the ability to transfer data from the local to the remote database (in offline mode). The tree structure with simplified navigation and the intelligent search function allows the easy and comfortable working with GMST.

It is the perfect solution for manufacturing companies, public utilities, EVU`s, administrations, facility managers, Distributors of electrical appliances, hospitals and other public and private institutions in accordance with the applicable DIN VDE, EN and IEC standards.

GMST communicates with the testing equipment of the product series SECULIFE, SECUTEST and PROFITEST. It is also possible to merge various tests in a single test report.

GMST implies Administration Tools including an authorization assignment and a user activity log. An e-mail notification about upcoming tests is also included.

GMST is available as a single license with its own database and, optionally, as a multi-license with storage of test reports in a central database.


Further product information can be accessed at:

Press release No. 2015/6, August 2015 - Product page SECULIFE ST

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