Profitest PRCD - Adapter for Testing Portable Protective Devices with the PROFITEST MXTRA

in Accordance with the Standards

According to DIN VDE 0661, portable protective devices are circuit breakers which can be connected between power consuming devices and permanently installed electrical outlets by means of standardized plug-and-socket devices. They allow for the attainment of increased levels of protection as provided by protective measures utilized in electrical systems for the prevention of dangerous shock current as defined in DIN VDE 0100-410.

These portable protective devices serve to protect persons from electrical accidents in the low-voltage range from 130 to 1000 V, and consequently have to be suitable for commercial use. The SPE-PRCD (switched protective earth - portable residual current device) is available in different variants. Amongst other possibilities, they can be installed like an extension cord between a power consumer (as a rule a power tool) and en electrical outlet.

Testing of Type S and K PRCDs by Simulating Errors per DIN VDE 0701-0702, BGI / GUV-I 608 and Manufacturers Specifications with the Profitest PRCD and the Profitest MXTRA

  • Testing of the following types of portable protective devices:
    - PRCD-S (single-phase / 3-pole and 3-phase / 5-pole)
    - PRCD-K (single-phase / 3-pole)
    - PRCD, 2-pole / 3-pole
  • Function test, i.e. tripping test by means of simulating the following faults:
    - Interruption
    - Reversed wires
    - PE to phase
  • Measurement of protective conductor current with current clamp transformer
  • Measurement of protective conductor and insulation resistance with the PROFITEST MXTRA tester
  • Tripping test with nominal residual current and measurement of time to trip with the PROFITEST MXTRA tester
  • Evaluation and documentation of the individual test steps with the PROFITEST MXTRA tester and ETC software

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