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Profiscan APP The PROFITEST MXTRA test instrument provides professional electricians with a technically advanced, universal measuring tool for testing protective measures in electrical systems. As of immediately, users can operate the test instrument even more easily with the help of the ProfiScan android app, and exchange data between the app and the PROFITEST MXTRA.

The system structure can be set up and managed, as well as read in to the test instrument, via the ProfiScan app. Amongst other things, electrical circuits and residual current devices can be entered to the system structure. After testing has been completed, the measured values can be read out and transmitted to ETC software via e-mail. Furthermore, the keyboard mode greatly simplifies operation of the test instrument. Screenshots can also be created and customer files from ETC software can be managed with the app.

The PROFITEST MXTRA enables comprehensive and reliable testing of protective measures in electrical systems in accordance with VDE 0100, part 600, and other country-specific standards.

PROFITEST MXTRAWith measuring category IV, the PROFITEST MXTRA provides the user with maximum possible safety. Whether it's used in private, commercial or industrial objects - the PROFITEST MXTRA assures the user that his installation complies with all applicable regulations, and that it functions reliably. And, of course, test results for up to 50,000 measuring points can be transferred to a PC and documented in detail as substantiation of correct installation.

In actual practice, the PROFITEST MXTRA is distinguished by extremely easy operation and a great variety of tests: Its advanced technical concept is consistently aligned to electrical engineering tasks encountered on a daily basis.

In addition to basic standard tests, the instrument also offers numerous additional measuring and test functions for subjecting installations to the acid test, which provide highly accurate results.

A special advantage of the PROFITEST MXTRA is its intelligent, ergonomic design. Control is simple and safe, and data can be conveniently read from the large illuminated display. An extensive range of accessories offers the right connection options for every task. The PROFITEST MXTRA is setting new standards where time savings, safety and convenience are concerned: A combination of innovative design and an ergonomic operating concept make it the ideal companion for any electrician.

Overview of functions included with the PROFITEST MXTRA:

  • All measurements in accordance with VDE 0100, part 600 / IEC 60364-6 / EN 61557 plus:
    - Voltage drop measurement
    - Insulation measurement with rising voltage
    - Leakage current measurement with external current clamp or adapter
    - Highly accurate ZS measurement with 0.001 Ω resolution without tripping the RCCB
    - RCCB test with continuously rising, intelligent ramp
    - Testing of RCD types A, AC, B, B+, F, G/R, SRCD and PRCD, testing of IMDs and RCMs
    - Mains or battery powered measurement of soil resistivity RE
    - Residual voltage test per EN60204-1
  • AMC - automatic measurement cable compensation using 4-wire method
  • 1 mA varistor response test with insulation measuring voltage up to 1000 V
  • 2-pole measurements with plug insert or interchangeable 2/3-pole adapter
  • Including ETC software (Electrical Testing Center)
  • CAT IV
  • DAkkS calibration certificate
  • Bidirectional data exchange via USB / Bluetooth (MXTRA) and to DDS-CAD
  • Connection of an RFID or barcode scanner with supply power

The PROFITEST MXTRA evaluates measurement results automatically!

Further product information can be accessed at:

Press Release No. 2014/07, January 2014 - Product Page MXTRA, Product Page ProfiScan

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