New Electronic Loads from GOSSEN METRAWATT

Series SPL 250-30 and SPL 400-40

The new generation of programmable electronic DC loads from GOSSEN METRAWATT's SPL 250-30 / SPL 400-40 series includes high performance instruments with comprehensive test functions and clear-cut user interfaces, as well as RS 232 and GPIB ports which support both SCPI and Labview. The instruments are used in a great variety of industrial applications such as aviation and aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive electronics, solar cells and fuel cells etc. - in R&D as well as in practical applications. 

The series consists of two instruments with the following features: 250 W - 80 V - 30 A and 400 W - 80 V - 40 A.

With four basic functions including constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), constant power (CP) and constant resistance (CR), numerous test scenarios are feasible, and various degrees of accuracy are possible depending on which basic function is selected. The sense jacks on the front panel play a role in this regard as well by compensating for voltage drops caused by output lead resistance, thus contributing to highly accurate testing.

Up to 10 device configurations can be stored to internal memory. In addition to parameters for the respective basic function, these also encompass additional information for functions like activated transients, the short-circuit test and the battery discharge test.

Where transient mode operation is concerned, the instruments distinguish amongst three different variants which work with a trigger in some cases. They're equipped with a trigger input on the front panel for diverse applications. Transients can be selected within a range of 0 to 655 milliseconds with rise and decay times of down to 10 µs.

Sequential measurements can be run with test intervals ranging from 10 µs to 100,000 s. Up to 50 steps can be specified for each sequence. The instruments provide enough memory capacity for seven complete sequences, as well as an option for linking sequences.

Comprehensive protective functions assure maximized reliability even under difficult ambient conditions. In addition to overvoltage, overcurrent and overload protection, the SPL series also offers protection against polarity reversal and overtemperature. Incorporation into complex test systems is rendered trouble-free as a result. The instrument also offers the option of making activation of the power input dependent on a specified voltage level.

Special power input terminals assure best possible reliability for tests conducted with high current values. The output cable is convenient to connect.

Operation is possible directly at the instrument, or via the RS 232 or GPIB port. The instrument supports SCPI (standard commands for programmable instrumentation) and Labview.


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