New Products for the GOSSEN-KONSTANTER Range

GOSSEN-KONSTANTER power supplies from GOSSEN METRAWATT have a long tradition and meet the most demanding quality requirements.

SYSKON Konstanter

KONSTANTER power supplies and electronic loads are suitable for a broad range of applications. Thanks to their short response times, they're predestined for the generation of complex test signals, which makes it easy to run test sequences and und endurance tests.

SYSKON Diagram SYSKON P series KONSTANTERs are single output, computer controlled laboratory power supplies for demanding professional use in R&D, production and test systems.

In addition to nominal power ratings of 1500 to 4500 W, they now cover the 500 and 800 W power classes as well, each with a nominal voltage of 60 V. Nominal current of up to 30 A is possible for the SYSKON P-500, and up to 40 A is possible for the SYSKON P-800.

As is also the case with other instruments from the SYSKON P range, the two new models are equipped with digital and analog interfaces which facilitate, amongst other things, data import and export as well as extensive programming options.

SPL 400-40 The new generation of programmable electronic DC loads from GOSSEN METRAWATT includes high performance instruments with comprehensive test functions and clear-cut user interfaces, as well as RS 232 and GPIB ports which support both SCPI and Labview.

The instruments have a maximum sink power of 250 or 400 W, and can be used in a great variety of applications thanks to an extensive range of functions. For example, in addition to 4 basic operating modes, they're also equipped with a sequence function with 7 memory locations, 3 different transient modes, a short-circuit test, a trigger function and a battery discharge test.

In addition to these two product ranges, GOSSEN METRAWATT offers a broad spectrum of power supplies as well.

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Press Release No. 2014/09, March 2014 - Product Page SYSKON, DC Loads

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