A Digital Multimeter Keeps its Distance

METRAHIT ULTRA - Measured Values with Safety Clearance and Maximum Precision

The measurement of electrical quantities at running machines or under extreme ambient conditions doesn't have to be dangerous for the technician. GOSSEN METRAWATT's new METRAHIT ULTRA professional multimeter makes it possible at a safe distance from the measuring point thanks to integrated Bluetooth. With its 22 multimeter functions, it's suitable for universal electrotechnical use, especially in the areas of industry, service, electrical safety, electrical engineering, chemicals, laboratory use and research.

The METRAHIT ULTRA BT can be fully remote controlled via the integrated radio interface in accordance with the Bluetooth standard. Measurements in environments which are hazardous for personnel are thus made possible, for example at rotating machines, in control cabinets with high-voltage or under extreme ambient conditions, such as those that prevail in climatic chambers.

A smartphone or a tablet PCV with Android operating system is used for remote control. A free app is available from GOSSEN METRAWATT for this purpose. The app allows for remote configuration of all device settings and online display of momentary measured values. When the multimeter is remote controlled, the desired measuring function can be selected without adjusting the rotary switch. The app makes it possible to record live measurement data to a smartphone and allows for online and offline evaluation of measurement data from several multimeters. The user can choose from various graphic displays for evaluation purposes: quasi analogue display, numeric display and y-t diagram. Measurement data can of course also be exported to a PC for further processing.

The METEAHIT ULTRA BT can be used like a conventional multimeter as well - with operation via the controls on the instrument and measured values displayed directly at the device. The instrument demonstrates impressive precision with a resolution of 310,000 places and a basic accuracy of 0.02%.

With its 22 multimeter functions and a TRMS bandwidth of 100 kHz, the digital multimeter is suitable for universal use. Functions include voltage, current, level, resistance, frequency, capacitance and temperature measurement, as well as diode and continuity testing.

Important additional information regarding the momentary measured value appears at the illuminated, high-contrast triple display, for example acquired minimum and maximum values.

Data storage for up to 300,000 measured values allows for the recording of measurement data to the device with reference to real-time over a period of several days. Momentary or stored measurement data can be read out, analyzed and documented via the integrated infrared and Bluetooth interfaces. In addition to the app, convenient METRAWIN 10 Windows software is also available to this end.

The METRAHIT ULTRA fulfills exacting demands for diverse areas of use with precision at a distance and an attractive price, and includes a DAkkS calibration certificate as well. Quality and reliability made in Germany - naturally from GOSSEN METRAWATT.


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