Modbus Interface to U181x ... U189x Energy Meters

The Modbus module transmits data from the energy meter to a logging system via an RS 485 interface using the Modbus RTU or ASCII protocol.

Modbus is the most popular means of transmission for communication amongst industrial devices.

Modbus Master software for configuring the module and displaying measured values is included in the scope of delivery free of charge. A CD with a description of the Modbus register is included.


  Article No: U180A
Technical Data (pdf 308 kB)
Icon Operating Instructions - U180A » D-GB » I-F
Interface Description GB-I (pdf 2443 kB)
Operating Instructions - Modbus Master Software D-GB-I (pdf 1631 kB)
Products using U180A as an accessory (display)
Download Modbus Master Software (zip 465 kB)