Data Collector Module for LON

The U1660 data collector is used for connecting eight energy meters with S0 pulse outputs (DIN 43864,) or with floating contacts, to the LON interface at the U1601 summator, the U1602 micro-summator and the U1603 mini-summator.

This task has traditionally been accomplished through the use of a universal input directly at the summator. If all of the inputs are already in use, or if the distance between the integrated pulse counters and the summators is too great, they can be connected to the summators via the data collector module.

The module expands the number of pulse inputs for the U1601 summator and the U1603 mini-summator. External pulse inputs are only possible for the U1602 micro-summator with the data collector module.

  • 8 S0 inputs (DIN 43864) or floating contacts. Required power is supplied by the data collector module.
  • Plugable terminal blocks
  • Status display for each input
  • Status displays for operating voltage, data communications and module errors
  • FTT-10A LON interface
  • 24 VDC auxiliary power supply, power consumption: 100 mA
  • Mounts to top-hat rail per DIN 50022
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Made in Germany


  Article No: U1660-V002
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