Summator, 12 Universal Inputs, LON-Bus

The U1601 summator expands the Energy Control System to include processing of analog values, and it simplifies the connection of energy meters to the LON bus. 

This allows for the logging, visualization and optimization of all electrical and non-electrical energies and energy consumption, as well as cost center billing. 

A maximum of 12 analog or pulse signals can be connected, which originate, for example, from flow meters, energy meters and heat meters. In addition, up to 63 GOSSEN METRAWATT U168X series electric meters can be connected to U1601 summator via the easy to wire, pole-reversal protected, electrically isolated LON interface. 

64 processing channels calculate work, power or consumption from the above mentioned, freely assignable physical inputs. These values are summated over predefined time periods at a programmable interval, and are stored together with the respective maximum values. 

Two floating analog outputs, four MOS switches and two relays (changeover contacts) are available for the control of external processes, and can be directly activated either with the user specific summator background program, or with a PC via the interface. 

Data exchange with the PC or remote querying via modem is accomplished with the RS232 interface (115 kBit/s). An additional RS232 interface allows for the use of a radio controlled clock for system time synchronization, or a report printer. 

Individual summators can be interconnected over great distances via the multi-master compatible ECS LAN with a freely selectable network topology, and are provided with unrestricted access to data from all of the network users. Thanks to its high level of integrated intelligence and the ECL custom programming language, the U1601 summator is suited for customer specific calculations, evaluations, monitoring and optimizations as well - independent of the Energy Control System.

  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Made in Germany


  Article No: U1601
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Software EMC 5.x
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