U1600 Excel-Makro

EXCEL Macros for Data Upload for Summators U16xx

Data from U160x summators included in the Energy Control System can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet and made available for customer-specific evaluations with Macro U1600.XLM for Microsoft Excel as of version 4.x. 

Connection of the PC to the summator is configured in Excel, and is established directly via the serial port, or with a dial-up modem.

The following energy and power data, which are stored to memory at the summators, can be transferred to Excel:

  • Interval values from a time period which can be specified with date and time
  • Maximum values form the interval, 11 absolute maximum values
  • Mean value and maximum measured interval value per day for the last 10 days and the current day
  • Mean value and maximum measured interval value per month for the last 12 months and the current month
  • Mean value and maximum measured interval value per year for the last 2 years and the current year

The IP variant accesses the summators via Ethernet TCP/IP instead of the otherwise utilized RS232 interface.

Type Description Art. No.
U1600.XLM Access to summator via RS232
and Ethernet TCP/IP 
U1600.XLM Update from any version (* Z302i
U1600.XLM Add.License License for additional workplace (*   Z302K
U1600.XLM Add.License Update  from any version (* Z302L

 (* Purchase proof of the reason or pre-version required


  Article No: Z302G Z302i Z302K Z302L
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