U1500 Software

Configuration and Visualization Software Modules for U1500

Load optimizing configuration module (Z302C)

All of the configurations and settings required for the device can be conveniently entered at the PC, stored to memory, displayed, printed out and transmitted to the optimizing computer. 
Recommended for those who frequently start up optimizing systems, or have to adapt existing configurations.

Online display module (Z302D)

Data for the current measuring period and the current switching statuses of interconnected operating equipment can be displayed online with this software. 
Recommended for those who always want to have a good overview of their optimizing system during any given measuring period.

Graphic data analysis module (Z302B)

This module allows for graphic analysis of all archived data such as load characteristics and switching operations. Recurrent data analysis is executed after the graphic configuration has been selected and stored to memory once only. 
Recommended for those who want to document savings generated by the system, as well as analyze and optimize the switching operations required to this end. (-> more)

The following modules are included as standard features with all software modules:
data traffic + configuration signals + channel monitor

The software can be used with Windows XP and 7.


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