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Active Energy Meter with MID Approval

The calibrated energy meter can be used to acquire and bill active energy in industrial, household, commercial and building management applications. 

Relevant values are transmitted to data logging, billing and optimizing systems, as well as to building automation and control technology applications, by means of a pulse output, or via LON, M-Bus or L-Bus interface. 

S0 Pulse Output / / / L-Bus

Installation itself is extremely simple because the meter detects connection errors, which are indicated immediately. Maximum convenience is assured by displaying active power, which provides immediate information regarding momentary circuit load. If more information about the electrical system is required, functionality is simply expanded.

  • Professional energy meters for 2, 3 and 4 wire systems with 65 A direct connection, or 1 A or 5 A transformer connection
  • Accuracy class B for industrial and commercial use, as well as for household use with highly demanding requirements
  • Cost savings thanks to initial calibration at the factory in accordance with MID, conformity assessment procedure modules B and D
  • Calibration even with adjustable transformation ratios
  • Configurable, multifunctional variants for acquiring reactive energy and mains quantities
  • Installation errors display: phase sequence, phase failure, transformers with reversed polarity, overload
  • Universal pulse output with adjustable pulse rate and pulse duration, as well as selectable voltage range
  • Flexible communication via integrated LON, M-Bus or L-Bus interface
  • Full functionality even when the electrical circuit is switched off thanks to failsafe 24 V auxiliary voltage
  • Tamper-proof cover, configuration disabling
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Made in Germany

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Extensive Initial Calibration at the Factory
The meters comply with the MID directive which is valid throughout Europe and in Switzerland, and are shipped with initial factory calibration. They can be used immediately for billing purposes. Lead-times and costs are reduced as a result. Conformity assessment is conducted in accordance with modules B and D, and a declaration of conformity is included in the operating instructions.

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LON Installation V1.20 (XIF, Plug-In) (zip 154 kB)
LON Interface Documentation (pdf 299 kB)
M-Bus Configuration Software MBCONF (zip 917 kB)
M-Bus Interface Documentation (pdf 222 kB)
M-Bus and Remote Meter Reading (pdf 641 kB)
M-Bus Connection to Kieback&Peter DDC3000 (pdf 43 kB)
L-Bus Interface Documentation (pdf 161 kB)
EC Type Approval - MID Modul-B (pdf 716 kB)
EC Quality Management System - MID Module D (pdf 883 kB)
CE Certificate U128x (pdf 814 kB)
CE Certificate U138x (pdf 818 kB)
Software MBCONF
Software EMC 5.x
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