Configuration and Data Read-Out Software for SMARTCONTROL

The SMARTCONTROL manager is included with the SMARTCONTROL energy control system.

The software provides the following functions:

  • Configuration of SMARTCONTROL
  • Graphic programming of all functions such as timer programs, calculations, relays, power calculation, links, network, Modbus, M-bus, field, calibration etc.
  • Graphic display or read-out of data in ASCII format.
  • Communication DLL (Windows COM technology) for easy integration into COM compatible Windows applications (e.g. Excel)

SMARTCONTROL OPC Server (optional)
The "data access custom interface" as of version 2.05A is supported. With the help of this OPC server, SMARTCONTROL can be integrated into any building services management system with OPC client function. TCP/IP, RS 485, RS 232, ISDN or modem are available as communication links.
The software license is limited to one computer with any desired number of SMARTCONTROLS and data points. Access via DCOM with several clients is possible.


Products using the software SMARTCONTROL manager (display)
Download Software V2.6.1 (zip 43178 kB)