Isolation Amplifier, Unipolar / Bipolar, 1-Ch, Programmable

Isolating amplifier for electrical isolation of DC signals. Processing of unipolar, bipolar and live-zero signals, load boosting and signal conversion option.
Available with optional limit contact for monitoring the measured quantity.

  • Measurement input, measurement output and limit value functions can be programmed with a PC
  • Measurement output prog. within arrange of ± 20 mA or ± 10 V
  • Input voltage to ± 1000 V
  • Response characteristics can be scaled as desired, with reversal as well
  • Input signal linearization is possible
  • Measured values can be queried online and output can be PC controlled
  • Auxiliary power monitoring and limit value indication with green LED
  • Serial interface
  • P12 housing for top-hat rail mounting


  Article No: 809-
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Software TV800 plus
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