SINEAX Si815-5

DC Signal Isolator, 1 Channel, with Power Supply Transfer, also FSK, Ex/NEx

Signal isolator for electrically isolating the 4 to 20 mA measuring/supply circuit of a measuring transducer with 2-wire connection. The device fulfils two functions simultaneously.

- It provides for electrical isolation and
- it transmits the supply power component of the signal, i.e. auxiliary power, to the measuring transducer without feeding anything to the circuit itself. Accordingly, the isolator does not include any auxiliary power terminals.

Certain variants of the SINEAX Si815 are FSK compatible (frequency shift keying). They are used for dialog-capable "intelligent" measuring transducers with FSK technology and HART or a company-specific protocol.

  • Electrical isolation between input and output: prevents the formation of parasitic voltages and currents and eliminates grounding problems with interconnected and intermeshed signal lines.
  • The input signal corresponds to the output signal: 4 to 20 mA
  • Transmits auxiliary power to measuring transducers with 2-wire connection 
    - simple, low-cost instrumentation
  • No auxiliary power terminals:
    eliminates the need to lay and connect power supply lines.
  • Suitable for the transmission of the 4 to 20 mA analog signal which is superimposed over a frequency modulated digital signal (FSK compatible)
    - allows for interaction with "intelligent" measuring transducers with 2-wire connection which utilize FSK technology and the HART or a company-specific protocol.
  • Housing: N17 housing for top-hat rail mounting


  Article No: 815-5
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