Multifunctional Power Monitor with System Analysis 144 x 144 mm

In addition to the features of the A210 / A220 this power monitoring device provides functions for system and load analysis. The system and load analysis is done by measurement of harmonics, THD, asymmetry, comprehensive average and max./min. values.

The A230 is designed for application in high, medium and low voltage systems. Any current and voltage transformers are taken into account in the calculation of the measured values.

  • Accurate measured values:
    U, I: 0.2     P, Q, S, PF, meter: 0.5%       F: 0,02 Hz
  • 4-quadrant measurement of all values in AC systems
  • Clip-on extension module with average value and load profile recording, RS-232/485 interface, MODBUS, synchronizing input, switchover of high/low tariffs
  • Safe 3-way galvanic isolation between all circuits
  • 2 outputs for pulse or limit values
  • 4 meters for active power: Incoming/outgoing with high/low tariff*
  • 4 meters for reactive power:
    Inductive/capacitive or incoming/outgoing with high/low tariff*
  • All counter values, recorded values, and settings are kept on a power supply failure
  • System/application: Single-phase 3L balanced/unbalanced (Aron, Full), 4L balanced/unbalanced (Open-Y, Full)
  • Dimensions 144 x 144 x 46 mm
  • 4-digit, 14 mm high LED display

See also SINEAX A230s:
identical design in 96 x 96 x 46 mm


  Article No: A230-
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