Multi-parameter Patient Simulator for ECG

With the SECULIFE PS300 Simulator, you can test ECG and long-term ECG devices for flawless functioning.

The portable, multi-parameter patient simulator is not only one of the most versatile systems on the market, it can be intuitively operated as well because it’s unnecessary to enter any additional parameters. Simple scroll control for selecting options makes the PS300 an ideal choice for routine testing of patient monitoring and arrhythmia systems. Two graphic displays allow for display and editing of all possible parameters. Whether for testing, inspection or vocational training, the PS300 supplies the necessary simulations. SpO2 simulation (option), a simple fetal/maternal simulation (option) and a cardiac output (option) are available in addition to ECG, blood pressure, respiration and temperature.

The microprocessor-based patient simulator offers ECG patient simulation, 49 arrhythmias, auto-sequences for BPM, static pressure and performance. And thus you’re provided with a lifelike, independent curve display of the ECG signals. The instrument can be remote controlled via RS 232 and flash programmed in the field.

Quick start functions allow for convenient start-up of the instrument with the most recent user data.

Other decisive strengths of the patient simulator include outstanding ease of use and multifunction features. Continuity tests and more can also be conducted with the SECULIFE PS300. This small, high-performance instrument with numerous functions and minimal weight is a must for your test equipment.

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