Illuminance Tester for the Measurement of Luminance

The SECULIFE IT is a high precision illuminance meter for use in hospitals and medical practices. It reliably measures the illuminance of daylight, as well as all types of artificial light sources, and is ideally suited for quality assurance: High precision in accordance with class B allows for use in certification applications and for inspection.

Convenience for Daily Use

The SECULIFE IT is a handy, special measuring instrument for professional use - including professional features for your convenience: compact dimensions, easy to operate, good legibility, practical carrying case.

Intelligent Correction Functions

The silicon sensor included with the SECULIFE IT is color corrected, and its spectral sensitivity is precisely matched to that of the human eye. The instrument thus fulfills requirements for class B luminance meters. The probe’s receiving surface is laid out such that obliquely incident light is evaluated as true to cosine. All important types of light can thus be measured very accurately, without having to take correction factors into consideration.

Choice of Units of Measure

The instrument can be transformed from an illuminance meter into a luminance meter with the help of the luminance attachment which is available as an accessory. Available units of measure include cd / m2 and fl.

Suitable for Any Luminous Intensity

Even powerful light, for example daylight and illumination from headlights, can be measured with the SECULIFE IT without any accessories. Thanks to its very high initial sensitivity of 0.01 lux, the instrument is extremely well suited for measuring minimal illumination intensities as well, for example emergency lighting.

Storage of up to 100 Measured Values

The SECULIFE IT is equipped with non-volatile memory for up to 100 measurement results. They can be processed directly at the instrument using the integrated keypad and display. With its built-in USB port, the SECULIFE IT also allows the user to read out measurement results to a PC and analyze them with the included standard software.


  • Precision illumination measurement
  • Color corrected silicon photodiode
  • Storage of up to 100 measured values
  • Automatic and manual measuring range selection
  • Luminance units of measure: 
    lux / footcandles (fc) or with attachment: cd / m2  / footlamberts (fl)
  • CD ROM with software for measured value logging and display, as well as device control

Interface: USB port


  Article No: M688A M688E
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