Illuminance Monitoring for Contact Measurement at Displays

SECULIFE IM precision measuring instrument. The device is designed for class B contact measurements. Itís suitable for the performance of measurements at transilluminated and self-luminous surfaces, for example at monitor screen workstations and findings screens.

The Right Spectrum

The silicon sensor included with the SECULIFE IM is color corrected - its spectral sensitivity is precisely matched to that of the human eye. The instrument thus fulfills requirements for class B luminance meters, and is capable of highly accurate measurement of all types of light without having to take correction factors into account.

Precision and Convenience

The SECULIFE IM is a handy, special measuring instrument for professional use - including professional features for your convenience: compact dimensions, easy to operate, good legibility, practical carrying case.

Memory Capacity for 100 Measured Values

The SECULIFE IM is equipped with non-volatile memory for up to 100 measurement results. They can be managed directly at the instrument using the integrated keypad and display. With its built-in USB port, the SECULIFE IM also allows the user to process measurement results at a PC with the included standard software.


  • Precision luminance measurement
  • Color corrected silicon photodiode
  • Storage of up to 100 measured values
  • Automatic and manual measuring range selection
  • Luminance units of measure: cd / m2 or fL
  • CD ROM with software for measured value logging and display, as well as device control

Interface: USB port


  Article No: M688D
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