Illumination Analyzer for the Quality Assurance of Medical Displays

The SECULIFE IA is a precision measuring instrument for the measurement of luminance with a measuring angle of 1°. Luminance measurements at distances of 1 meter to infinity, taking ambient light into account, can be performed with this device.

Where Precision is of Highest Priority

The SECULIFE IA is ideally suited for demanding illumination analysis in the field of medicine, for example approvals and consistency testing, as well as luminance measurements at image viewing devices for computer tomography, digital radiography, sonography, magnetic resonance imaging and x-ray film viewers.

Designed for Maximum Accuracy

World class features included with the SECULIFE IA assure highly accurate results: The instrument includes mirror reflex optics with a 15° field of view, a sharply marked 1° measuring circle in the center and a focusing mechanism.

Closing In On Perfect Results

The close-up lenses available as accessories make it possible to shorten measuring distance down to 34 cm. Equipped with an optional photometric probe for contact measurements, the SECULIFE IA is also capable of measuring luminance directly on the monitor screen.

The Right Spectrum - Automatically

The silicon sensor included with the SECULIFE IA is color corrected, i.e. its spectral sensitivity is exactly matched to that of the human eye. The instrument thus fulfills requirements for class B luminance meters, and is capable of highly accurate measurement of all types of light without having to take correction factors into account.

Large Capacity Memory

The instrumentís measured value memory is large enough for up to 1000 memory locations. It can be subdivided into 10 groups for clear-cut structuring. Measurement results can be processed directly at the instrument using the integrated keypad and display. With its built-in USB port, the SECULIFE IA also allows the user to read out measurement results to a PC and analyze them with the included standard software.


  • Precision spot measurement of luminance with a 1° measuring angle
  • Mirror reflex viewfinder with 1° measuring circle and a 15° field of view
  • Distance measurement from 1m to infinity, and down to 34mm with close-up lens (optional)
  • Contact measurement (with optional attachment)
  • Color corrected silicon photodiode
  • Storage of up to 1000 measured values
  • CD ROM with software for measured value logging and display, as well as device control
  • Aluminum case included

Interface: USB port
Power Supply: 2 × 1.5V AA batteries, power is supplied via the USB cable when the interface is used.

PerfectLum Software

The use of PerfectLum software enables you to perform acceptance and constancy tests in accordance with DIN V 6868-57 and DIN 6868-157 (automatic sequence and documentation).


  Article No: M688C
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