SC30 .. 50

Split-Core Current Transformers

Thanks to their compact design, split-core current transformers are especially well suited for use in difficult to access locations and tight spaces. Split-core current transformers are the right choice wherever interrupting the current path would be problematic or a measuring instrument needs to be retrofitted in an uncomplicated fashion.

Split-core current transformers can be opened for attachment to cables or busbars. Safe attachment of the primary cable within the current transformer is assured by means of appropriate design engineering measures, and a plainly audible clicking sound. Two included UV resistant cable ties are used to additionally secure the transformer.

Thermal continuous current rating Icth: 100%
Thermal short-time current rating Ith 60 x IN, 1 sec.
Max. operating voltage Um: 0.72 kV
Rated frequency fR: 50 to 60 Hz
Insulation class: E (120°C)


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  Article No: U118A U142H U518A U542G
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