Power Measurement Terminal for Analysis of Alternating and 3-Phase Current up to 690 V

The power measurement terminal is intended for use within an inline station. It analyzes alternating and 3-phase current systems and is used, for example, in distribution systems for measuring current, voltage and power, as well as for detecting distortion and harmonics.


  • 3 inputs for phase voltage of up to 690 V AC - can be connected directly
  • 4 inputs (1 to 5 A AC) for phase current and neutral conductor current
  • Current and voltage measurement
  • Measurement of active, reactive and apparent power
  • Power factor cos φ
  • Ascertainment of maximum values
  • Freely triggerable measuring intervals
  • Diagnosis and status displays
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Operating hours counter
  • Triggerable energy meter
  • Bimetal filtering
  • Diagnosis and status displays

Flexible Energy Monitoring - Your Solution Might Be Set Up Like This

Power Measuring Terminal, connected An energy monitoring system can be set up simply and inexpensively with the help of the power measurement terminal. In this way not only energy, but rather interfering harmonics as well, can be detected and monitored directly at the power consumer, for example a machine. - Enlarge image

Inline bus couplers are used for interfacing to master evaluation or control systems. Depending on the system, data is transferred via either PROFIBUS or PROFINET. Desired measured values can thus be easily and reliably transmitted from the system directly to the controller.
The function modules required for integration are available for download free of charge:
power measurement terminal, PROFIBUS, PROFINET

See Our Priority Packages for PROFIBUS and PROFINET

Article Scope of Delivery Article Number
PROFINET package  One R450A power measurement terminal
+ one PROFINET bus coupler
PROFIBUS package One R450A power measurement terminal
+ one PROFIBUS bus coupler


  Article No: R450A
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