QA Software for Testing Monitors for Primary Diagnostics and Image Viewing

For modern testing of displays in the field of medical engineering, and for documentation in accordance with applicable legal directives and requirements specified by the physician’s associations.

PerfectLum Suite is not just a DICOM calibration tool, it’s also a medical monitor QA application which checks displays for conformity with medical standards such as AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-57, DIN 6868-157, JESRA X-0093 and IEC 62563-1.

SECULIFE PerfectLum ApplicationThe software executes calibration in accordance with these standards and assures the consistency of all medical workstations. Using this medical display calibration software makes it possible for doctors to assure the quality of their monitors with reference to national and international standards.

PerfectLum Suite conducts all acceptance and conformity tests required in accordance with these standards.

PerfectLum supports GOSSEN MAVOSPOT 2 USB measuring instruments

  • Calibration of all displays in accordance with the DICOM GSDF standard, part 14, and the CIE L standard
  • Updating of the video LUT or the display LUT for monitors which comply with the DDC / CI standard
  • Calibration of multi-monitor systems
  • Execution report for comparing/checking calibration results
  • Test images for visual monitoring of calibration results
  • DICOM conformity
  • Option for color measurement
  • Support for commercially available photometers and spot meters
  • License is available to all users at the installed workstation
  • Remote control
  • Execution of acceptance and conformity tests
  • Automatic planning of conformity tests with reminder function
  • Automated quality assurance

System requirements for PerfectLum:

Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 (32 or 64 bit)
Pentium or AMD K7, at least 512 MB RAM / 150 MB disk
Mac OS X, 10.5 to 10.8 – Intel hardware required, Intel processor only, no support for PowerPC, at least 512 MB RAM / 150 MB disk

System requirements for PerfectLum Remote Server (included in package):

Windows hosts / Mac OS X hosts / Linux hosts (32 and 64 bit) per compatibility list and following web browsers (at least): Firefox V3.5, Safari V4, Chrome V3, IE 8


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