Range of TRMS Digital Multimeters for Specific Tasks in – Telecommunications, Avionics, Medical and Extreme Surroundings

METRAHIT OUTDOOR - Extremely Rugged Made in Germany 3 Years Warranty METRAHIT S series special digital multimeters offer all of the performance features of a highly advanced measuring instrument – and they’re ideally equipped for specialized­ tasks.

Whether for industrial use or in communications technology, in the lab or out of doors: with ultramodern technology and rugged quality, these instruments guarantee reliable measurement results anywhere.

⇐ For example METRAHIT OUTDOOR - Extremely Rugged
Impact-Resistant, Water-/Dust-Proof and Resistant to Extreme Temperatures

1 - Multimeters for - Automotive / E-Drives Applications

2 - Multimeters for - Telecommunication Applications

3 - Multimeters for - Avionics Applications

4 - Multimeters for - Medical and Hygienic Sensible Applications

5 - Multimeters for - Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (Ex)

6 - Multimeters for - Energy Utilities

7 - Multimeters with Power and Energy Measurement

8 - Multimeters for - Extremely Rugged Applications

9 - Multimeters for - Insulation and Low Resistance Measurements

10 - Multimeter and Calibrator