Power Multimeter with PQ Analyzer

The new, professional METRAHIT ENERGY multimeter is exceeding all previous performance limits.

Thanks to simultaneous TRMS current and voltage measurement (AC, AC+DC and DC) with a resolution of 60,000 digits, all important power quantities can be precisely acquired.


High-end, handheld, digital multimeter including 

  • RMS measurement with the following and more: V AC TRMS, V AC+DC TRMS 100 kHz with bandwidth, V DC, dB, Hz (V), Hz (A), Ω, μF, V diode, °C / F (TC / RTD)
  • Power measurement (W, VAr, VA, PF): active, reactive and apparent power with extreme values, power factor
  • Energy measurement (Wh, VArh, VAh) active, reactive and apparent energy, mean power value with adjustable observation period and maximum value
  • Mains quality analysis: recording of over and undervoltage, dips, swells, voltage peaks and transients in 0, 50 and 60 Hz systems
  • Harmonic analysis: RMS values and distortion components up to the 15th harmonic at 16.7, 50, 60 and 400 Hz

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See also: METRAHIT ENERGY DC-Power Set – with AC/DC current sensor

Video blogs:
- METRAHIT ENERGY dismantled
- Capacitance measurement of a
  alkaline battery with METRAHIT ENERGY


  Article No: M249A
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