3-Phase Energy and Power Analyzer EnergyPlatform

The Energy Platform is an innovative and essential tool for any electrical energy monitoring application.

Whether you want to understand your utility costs, improve efficiency, install energy savings devices, explore alternative energy solutions or even determine your carbon footprint, Energy Platform provides the essential monitoring tools to meet your energy monitoring requirements. Energy Platform's 1/4 VGA color touch display, automatic setups, easy to read reports and DranView  software provide a simple to use, yet powerful tool for any application.

  • Advanced Demand, Energy, Harmonics and Power Analysis - Perfect for energy reduction/savings and alternative energy applications
  • Automatic setup - No learning curve!
  • Easy to read colorful Demand & Energy reports
  • Carbon Footprint Calculator - Evaluate environmental impact
  • Intuitive color touch screen
  • Available languages - English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Eight Channels, 4 voltage & 4 current. Channel D Differential
  • AC and DC monitoring applications
  • High accuracy: 0.1% for voltage and current
  • High resolution: 256 samples / cycles - continuous monitoring
  • Triggered event detection on all parameters. Sag/Swell RMS detection, ±10% of nominal
  • Large memory up to 32 GB
  • AC or Battery operated. Built in UPS with 2hr battery.
  • Automatic Energy Audit reporting software - DranView software included, no license.
  • Optional RS232, USB or LAN interface
  • Optional current measuring accessories
Type Description Article No.
Basic Set MAVOWATT 20 with Measuring cables, Chargeable batteries, Charger, 4 GB CF Memory card, Probriaty calibration certificate, Carrying pouch
DranView 7 Professional software for MAVOWATT 20
Flex Paket
Basic Set,
+ 3-Phase Current sensor METRAFLEX 3003XBL
+ 1 Current sensor METRAFLEX 3001XBL
Mini Flex Paket
Basic Set,
+ 4 Current probes METRAFLEX 300MXBL (3, 30, 300 A)
Basic Set,
+ 4 Current probes TR-2500A (10...500 A)
Basic Set,
+ 4 Current sensors TR-2550A (10...100 A)
And Especially for Solar Applications  
PR150/SP2B Paket
as Basic Set, 
+1x AC-DC Current probe PR150/SP2, 150 A, Battery powered 9 V
PR1500/SP8B Paket
as Basic Set, 
+1x AC-DC Current probe PR150/SP8, 1500 A, Battery powered 9 V

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  Article No: M810B M810C M810D M810E M817Q M817T
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Icon Operating Instructions » GB (pdf 2826 kB)
Icon Pamphlet » GB » F » I » E » HU (pdf 1093 kB)
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CE Certificate (pdf 35 kB)
Application Report: Case Study Willows Swim Club (pdf 792 kB)
Icon Short-form Operating Instructions » GB » F  (pdf 416 kB)
Download MAVOWATT 20 Simulation V4.1.3 (zip 1656 kB)
Software DranView
Software EPRW
Software MW-20 Up
Software PQView
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