LINAX PQ5000-Mobile

Multifunctional Power Quality Monitor, Mobile Version (new)

By means of the mobile measurement solution LINAX PQ5000-Mobile the operational aspects of the energy supply can be verified:

  • Quality of supply
  • Availability of supply
  • Evaluation of changes or improvement measures
  • Energy flow analysis

This measurement solution supports campaigns (repeated measurements at the same location) by a configuration manager with up to 20 storable device settings, can provide a WLAN access point for connecting mobile devices and provide all data for evaluation via the device's own website. In order to be able to validate the power quality at the measuring location, the duration of the measurement should be at least 7 full days.

A full parameterization of all device functions can be performed via a web browser. ThePQ5000-Mobile fulfills all requirements of a class A device in accordance with the power quality standard IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.3.

The device is available in different variants. The nameplate on the device provides information about the given version.

Operation and evaluation
No software is required for the parameterization of the device or the evaluation of the measurement results. The WEB interface of the device provides all required functions. These can be used via mobile phone, tablet or laptop via the LAN or WLAN interface.

  • Measurement data visualization
  • Status bar for network LAN + WLAN, alarms, recording
  • Service functions
  • PQ Easy-Report for compliance reports
  • Complete device parameterization
  • Support for measurement campaigns (up to 20 configurations)
  • Data export in CSV format (load profiles, waveform, event lists)

See also steady version LINAX PQ5000


  Article No: PQ5000MOB-
Pamphlet (pdf 1553 kB)
Operating Instructions (pdf 8159 kB)
Interface Description MODBUS (pdf 652 kB)
IEC 61000-4-30 Ed. 3.0 Certificate (pdf 396 kB)
CE Certificate (pdf 461 kB)
Safety Certificate (zip 1 kB)
Tender Text (zip 11 kB)