Intelligent Sensor System for Energy, Current, Voltage and Frequency (new)

ENERGY LOGGING Easily Retrofitted

Energy, power, current, voltage and frequency can be measured at individual consuming devices in low-voltage systems with the ENERGYSENS intelligent sensor system. Energy consumption can thus be represented with more detailed localization and monitoring, as well as more transparently. This helps to avoid unnecessary costs and makes a contribution to sustainable company development.

ENERGYSENS not only helps you save energy costs, it also supports you in monitoring phase loads – in the area of preventive maintenance too – and in minimizing idle time.

ENERGYSENS – Your Fundamental Building Block for INDUSTRY 4.0
Measurement is performed at conductors in low-voltage distributors, e.g. at circuit breakers in the control cabinet. Thanks to its compact design, installing ENERGYSENS is especially easy – regardless of whether a new system is involved or an already existing system will be retrofitted with energy logging. Its minimal intrinsic consumption assures best possible value for the money.

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  Article No: U100A U100B U100C U100D U100E
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Energy Monitoring and the Industrial Internet of Things (pdf 629 kB)
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