EMC 5.x

Energy Management Software

Systematic Energy Management for Lasting Benefits

As a high performance software solution, Energy Management Control 5.x is laid out specifically for applications in the fields of industry, energy and housing. It allows for automatic logging, visualization, analysis and billing of all relevant consumption data. With the help of this well founded database, targeted and effective measures for improvement can be implemented – and opportunities for modern energy management can be fully exploited:

EMC Energy Management Control Software
EMC Benchmarking
EMC Benchmarking
EMC Module Realtime Graphics
  • Transparency: visualization of consumption and load structures - detection of weak points
  • Responsibility: source-related allocation of consumption or costs
  • Benchmarking: acquire figures and compare objects
  • Cost minimization: identify and exploit potential savings
  • Budget security: precise planning and monitoring of energy costs
  • Tariff optimization: selection of the least expensive tariff for energy import by power utility, as well as consumption and contract conditions
  • Environmental compatibility: reduced consumption decreases CO2 emissions
  • Up to date: real-time overview of consumption and billing data
  • Flexible: billing based upon individually adjustable parameters
  • Service requirements: rising energy consumption indicates the need for maintenance or repair
  • Language settings: D, GB, F, I, NL, CZ, PL
    Runs under Windows XP and 7


>> See EMC expansion modules

>> Installation example ar GOSSEN METRAWATT

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