Radio controlled clock with Y cable for U1600 / U1601..3 summator

The radio controlled clock is connected to the COM2 port at the summator with a COM1 / COM2 Y cable.
COM2 must be configured for use with the radio controlled clock.
Summator time is synchronized automatically as long as reception is good (always at xhxx:05).
Deviations < 1 second are corrected once per hour. An accuracy level of ± 1 second is obtained.
Switching to and from daylight savings and standard time is initiated by an H program (command: SUWI), because continuous reception is not assured, even with the radio controlled clock.
Time synchronization of several summators is controlled by the summator with the radio controlled clock.

Article Number
Radio controlled clock for U1600 DCF77-1600
Radio controlled clock for U1601..3     DCF77-1601


  Article No: DCF77-1600 DCF77-1601
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