Monitoring of Power Systems, with Control Function, Panel-mount Version (new)

Flexible solutions for the energy industry

The CENTRAX CU3000 combines in one housing for panel mounting the functionality of a highly accurate measurement device for power applications with the possibilities of a freely programmable PLC. Thus, in many cases, there is no need for a separate PLC, a control system, a remote display or an additional data collector.

The measurement part of the CU3000 determines in high quality more than 1500 state, energy consumption and power quality information. The control application (based on CODESYS) can then process these data logically, use them in control algorithms or respond to power generation or consumers in accordance with the application. The device can communicate with the process environment via freely selectable I/Os and via Modbus interfaces.

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CENTRAX CU5000 Rail-mount version - see CENTRAX CU5000

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