Multifunctional Power Monitor with System Analysis

The APLUS is a comprehensive instrument for the universal measurement, monitoring and power quality analysis in power systems.


The focus is on highest Swiss quality and maximum customer benefit.

APLUSThe device is suited for the application in power distribution, in strongly distorted industrial environments and in building automation. Nominal voltages up to 690 V can directly be connected.

The connection of the process environment may be performed by means of the communication interface, via digital I/Os or via analog outputs.

New: The data logger allows to record periodical and event triggered measurement data, especially load profiles, measurement fluctuations or meter readings as well as alarm states or any other incident. An SD card is used as a storage media, which allows almost unlimited recording times. Data can be analyzed with CB-Analyzer software.

The version without display for top hat-rail mounting is intended for applications where no on-site display is needed. It provides the same functionality as a device with display has the same dimensions and connections and may be equipped with the same options.

APLUSVersion with LED display.

Possible applications in power systems

  • Acquisition and control of the present system state
  • Monitoring of the operational behaviour
  • Analysis of the power quality
  • Determining load profi les and energy demand values
  • Finding the variations of the system load
  • Measurement before and behind frequency converters
  • Recording of operating procedures


  Article No: APLUS-111x xxx
Pamphlet (pdf 4204 kB)
Icon Operating Manual APLUS TFT » D » GB (pdf 3472 kB)
Icon Operating Manual APLUS LED » D » GB (pdf 4725 kB)
Interface Documentation MODBUS (pdf 862 kB)
Interface Documentation MODBUS TCP (pdf 723 kB)
Safety Instructions (pdf 425 kB)
PROFIBUS Certificate (pdf 207 kB)
CE Certificate (pdf 460 kB)
Software CB-Manager
Software CB-Analyzer
PROFIBUS GSD File (zip 9 kB)